Stoobly Contexts

Contexts are considered an advanced feature so please go through our Getting Started guides first.

What is a Stoobly Context?

A Context is collection of Requests and Scenarios.

Default Context

The default context is automatically generated and set when you run stoobly-agent for the first time. Contexts are maintained by the hidden directories named .stoobly . For supported OSs the default context's data will be in the user's home directory e.g. ~ or $HOME for unix systems.

Why have different Contexts?

Separation of APIs

The highest order of grouping in one context is a Scenario which is a grouping of requests for a workflow.

As more APIs get recorded, you can continue to use the default context but the scenarios page can contain several different APIs' scenarios, which might be fine for a while. To distinguish between different APIs' scenarios you can get creative with naming schemas but some people might find that not scalable.

One solution is to have a context per API. Another is to have a context per several related APIs.


Sharing contexts can be useful to show collaborators all the data for an API instead of manually exporting specific requests and scenarios and having them import each one. Instead you can share the entire context and quickly onboard teammates.

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