Firewall Rules

Answers: Which requests to record/mock?

Firewall rules are applied after data rules.

This section provides fine-grained configuration to control which requests are recorded, mocked or replayed. Rules are applied if a request URL matches the provided regex pattern.

Rule Configuration

Rule Components


HTTP verb(s) the rule applies to such as GET, POST, DELETE, etc.


Pattern to match with the request URL to apply the rule to. This supports regular expressions.


Whether to include or exclude requests that match.

Modes Applied To

Which agent mode to apply the firewall rule to such as mock, record and/or replay


For example, maybe you want to exclude recording requests that generate OAuth tokens. And let's assume that the endpoint is POST . You can then create a rule with the following values:

  • Method - POST

  • Pattern -

  • Action - Exclude

  • Modes Applied To - Record

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