Reverse Proxy

Configure the proxy to intercept inbound requests


stoobly-agent run --proxy-mode reverse:<URL>

Enabling HTTPS Traffic

To enable HTTPS traffic to the reverse proxy, add the following options to the run command:

  --certs TEXT                    SSL certificates of the form
                                  "[domain=]path". The domain may include a
                                  wildcard, and is equal to "*" if not
                                  specified. The file at path is a certificate
                                  in PEM format. If a private key is included
                                  in the PEM, it is used, else the default key
                                  in the conf dir is used. The PEM file should
                                  contain the full certificate chain, with the
                                  leaf certificate as the first entry. May be
                                  passed multiple times.

  --cert-passphrase TEXT          Passphrase for decrypting the private key
                                  provided in the --cert option. Note that
                                  passing cert_passphrase on the command line
                                  makes your passphrase visible in your
                                  system's process list. Specify it in
                                  config.yaml to avoid this.

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