Updating from the CLI

There are two ways to update a scenario using the CLI.

  • Replay a scenario's requests and update the request responses

  • Completely overwriting the scenario with new requests and responses


  1. Go through the main guide:

How to Update Scenarios


This is preferable if only the response of one or more requests changed.

The following command will replay the scenario and update the recorded responses with the newly received repsonses.

stoobly-agent scenario replay --overwrite <SCENARIO-KEY>


This is preferable if anything other than the request response changed.

The following will overwite the scenario with newly recorded requests and their respective responses.


  1. Select the scenario you want to overwrite. To select the scenario, set the scenario key:

stoobly-agent config scenario set <SCENARIO_KEY>
  1. Set the Agent to record mode with overwrite policy.

stoobly-agent intercept configure --mode record --policy overwrite
  1. Enable request interception with the Agent.

stoobly-agent intercept enable
  1. Replay your scenario.


After ovewriting your scenario successfully, you can disable intercepting requests with the Agent with the following command:

stoobly-agent intercept disable

You can also update your scenario key back to what it was before or you can clear it out so the Agent will not use any scenario. To clear the active scenario, run the following command:

stoobly-agent config scenario clear

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