Updating with Open API


  1. Open API specification

Supported API Specification Formats


We currently support most of OpenAPI v3.0 and OpenAPI v3.1.

Only the json and yaml versions of OpenAPI are currently supported.

Updating Requests

  1. Have your specification file ready on your local filesystem and make sure it is valid and compliant with your specification.

  2. Go into a directory using the Context you want to update the requests in.

  3. Let's take a look at the relevant command:

$ stoobly-agent endpoint apply --help
Usage: stoobly-agent endpoint apply [OPTIONS] PATH

  Apply endpoint to requests

  --format [openapi]              File format  [required]
  --scenario-key TEXT             Which scenario requests to apply the endpoint to. If none then
                                  the endpoint will be applied to all requests.

  --lifecycle-hooks-script-path TEXT
                                  Path to lifecycle hooks script.
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

By using the different flags and options, you can change what API format to use, which scenario if any to import into, as well as other features.

Here is an example command you can run after changing the PATH to your specification file:

$ stoobly-agent endpoint apply --format open-api ~/Downloads/your-spec-file.yaml
  1. View your requests and you should see them updated.

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